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 Big Mac vs Deep Dish

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Big Mac vs Deep Dish Empty
PostSubject: Big Mac vs Deep Dish   Big Mac vs Deep Dish Icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2007 3:50 pm

ok i finished editing this map, i worked over 10 hours i think
Relevated almost everything! its fucking awsome now

I need 4 brave people to help me test it.
You'll get credit! it will stay even after u die Twisted Evil
lol i wonder if ppl will still play sc in 100 year

Anyway, i gotta test it, its on beta now!
gotta test for bugs, balance, and anything that doesn't work as it needs.
so contact me if u want, or just be online -.-

|\ || /| /ŻŻŻŻŻ\
| |||| || /ŻŻŻ`-`
| \/\/ || \___.-.
\_/\_/ \_____/ 2006-2007İ wC
Big Mac vs Deep Dish Sig
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Big Mac vs Deep Dish
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